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Professor Chris Holland BSc (Hons), PhD

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Professor of Information Management

Digital strategy, business models, technology implementation

Professor Holland has worked at the interface of business and technology for over 30 years with a range of international business organisations on technology implementation, evaluation of Information Technology (IT) projects and digital strategy.

Professor Holland has published research articles in leading strategy, management and technology journals including Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Sloan Management Review, Communications of the ACM, Journal of Strategic Information Systems, Journal of Medical Internet Research, Decision Support Systems and the International Journal of Electronic Commerce.

Professor Holland’s research is characterised by close collaboration with industry and Government. His current research focuses on data analytics, decision-making in an online customer journey context, and digital marketing strategy with a particular emphasis on developing novel approaches to commercial data sets. The ideas and research concepts have been applied to a range of commercial problems. These include the analysis and evaluation of consumer search and buying behaviour, the modelling of competition in online markets and new techniques for online competitor profiling.

Professor Holland is currently working on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop the next-generation of insurance services, funded by the UKRI, and part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.  

Visiting Professor at Münster University