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Special News Update

A message from Prof Andy Dainty, Director of the Graduate School

“I am delighted to announce the launch of the Doctoral College (LDC) as part of our annual PGR Summer Showcase event on 22nd June.

"The LDC will deliver on the ‘Educating for Success’ strand of the recently launched CALIBRE framework, the research component of the University’s Building Excellence strategy. The LDC will provide a refreshed professional service for supporting PGRs at both of our campuses, acting as a one-stop-shop for admissions, progression, development and preparing PGR graduates for early career research positions.

"As we as creating a special affiliation and identify for PGRs at Loughborough, the LDC also signified a set of structural improvements to our PGR programmes that will benefit current and prospective students alike. Come and join us to find out more about what membership of the LDC will do for you over the coming years.”

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A summer of Tennis

A summer of Tennis Get involved in tennis this summer.

25 May 2017