Antimicrobial Resistance Research


28 Jun 2016

Travel Funds Awarded by the AMR Network

The following travel funds have been awarded by the AMR network:

  • Goran Vladisavljevic will give an AMR focused oral presentation at IEX2016 Bioprocessing Session, titled: Microencapsulation using glass microcapillary devices of clostridium difficile specific bacteriophages in ph responsive Eudragit® S100 for colon targeted delivery.  The award will fund Goran's travel and accommodation costs.
  • Gurinder Vinner attended an international conference on phage therapy which was attended by leading researchers from industry who focus on the discovery, production and marketing of phage-based products to control bacterial pathogens in environmental, food processing and medical settings.  The award funded her travel to Paris, accommodation costs, and conference registration fee.