Antimicrobial Resistance Research


18 May 2016

New Funding Awarded: Prediction of infection and wound healing in diabetic wound

The following project has been awarded funding by the AMR network:

'Prediction of infection and wound healing in diabetic wound'

Infected wounds, whether acute or chronic, are costly to the NHS and contribute to significant morbidity for patients. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions experienced in the UK (5 per cent of population), and diabetic wounds (usually foot ulcers) are a common adverse event related to this condition with diabetics having a 15 percent lifetime prevalence of developing a foot wound. Of those patients with foot ulcers approximately 10-30 per cent will progress to an amputation, in cases where the foot wound has become infected approximately 60 per cent will lead to amputation.

We will undertake a literature review to understand which clinical signs and symptoms and biomarkers are associated with infection prognosis  (and to determine how sensitive/specific these may be particularly when they may occur in different infection sites or manifestations eg, cellulitis may differ from gangrene).

Project Lead: Emily Petherick