Antimicrobial Resistance Research


26 Apr 2016

New Funding Awarded: Novel Bacteria Phage Delivery System for Wound Healing

The following project has been awarded consumables funding by the AMR network:

'Novel Bacteria Phage Delivery System for Wound Healing'

A key feature of wound healing is stepwise repair of lost extracellular matrix that forms the largest component of the dermal skin layer. But in some cases, certain disorders or physiological process disturbs this healing process. For example, in the case of diabetes mellitus, the normal steps of the wound healing process are inhibited causing significant discomfort to patients. Many studies have shown a prolonged inflammatory phase in diabetic wound which causes a delay in the formation and maturation of tissue and a parallel reduction in wound tensile strength. In such cases, the treatment of bacterial infection is paramount and the continued emergence of AMR strains in commonly infecting bacteria, such as Pseudomonas, will further strain health service funding as well as prolong patient morbidity. The delivery of a virus (bacteria phage) that targets Pseudomonas is an alternative treatment with considerable promise. In fact it has been shown that the delivery of the virus enhances wound healing for diabetes mellitus. However, their delivery at a controlled rate at different skin depths remains an important clinical problem. In addressing these two issues, we aim to carry out a study to determine the best strategies to deliver a chosen virus in skin. 

Project Lead: Diganta Das