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Development of technology has transformed human life across nearly all sectors, the engineering of the associated systems has grown in terms of complexity and interconnectivity to the point that its the description, analysis and understanding is very challenging. 

Complex systems difficulties are normally explored with the aid of system engineering science, tools, and techniques, however, a simple process to apply them does not exist and challenging situations keep reappearing. Large complex systems can have a degree of similarity with each other, mainly in regards to their behaviour, independence, adaptability, and the challenges they present.  Some of the challenges are common across several disciplines and accordingly their identification in one system has the potential to increase the understanding of other complex systems.

Systems engineering tools such as linear dynamics, statistical physics and network theory can be used to increase our understanding of complex systems and eventually to predict their behavior. However, in the application of Systems Engineering many issues appear due to the size, scale and complexity of the systems.   Can systems engineering tools be applied directly? What are the grand challenges that need to be solved in order to take a systems engineering approach? Answers to these questions constitute a first step towards a greater understanding of systems and support their role in the development of science, engineering and technology.

To this end this web site is pulling together a wealth of very useful material that will be of significant interest to the practicing systems engineer and those at the very start of their systems enlightenment. Also, we have taken care to provide links to the other highly regarded sources of information.