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16 May 2022

The Cybernetics Conversation 2022

Presented By Centre for Information Management
  • Day 1 Starts at 12.30 Day 2,3,4 09.00 - 17.00, Day 5 09.00 - 13.30
  • School of Business and Economics, rooms BE063 and BE0.64
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About this event

The Cybernetics Conversation 2022

The purpose of the event is to stimulate conversation, exploration and learning about the breadth and depth of cybernetics in theory and practice. This is not intended as a conventional academic 'conference' but an event where attendees are encouraged to directly engage with the material and the people, to develop their own pathway through it and take responsibility for their own learning.

We will embrace as many dimensions as possible: robotics, AI, design, organisation, art, music and the philosophies of cybernetics and systems including potentially an art exhibition and some music and/or performance.

Day 1 (12:00 onwards) will start proceedings with an outline of the whole event but will explore background, history and concepts.

Days 2, 3 and 4 will consist of sessions introducing and exploring various dimensions of cybernetic theory and practice with explorations of challenges and issues confronting us (initial suggestions include climate change, nuclear considerations, tribal dynamics, cybernetics of time and place). As possible contributions emerge we will shape the building of the week AND it is likely evolve as it is delivered.

Day 5 we plan collective reflection and sense-making, designed to consider what has happened during the week, what has been learned and shared and, perhaps, identify areas for development.

For a detailed programme please send an email to John Beckford

About the Cybernetics Society

The Cybernetics Society promotes and offers education and research opportunities in the rich field of cybernetics. In the CybSights series, including the President's Series, we offer insghts conversations, lectures, case studies, analysis, education, and thoughtful entertainment.,

The Cybernetics Society – http://CybSoc.org – is a specially authorised learned society regulated by the FSA and established by a 1974 Act of Parliament.

Cybernetics plays into and strongly influences many scientific and practice fields including design, epistemology, ecology, biology, psychology and living behaviour, technology and engineering, social policy, and business practice.

Cybernetics offers a distinct "go" — techniques — to address local and global challenges of the 21st century

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