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18 October 2016

CIM Mid-Career Workshop. "More than ‘mere’ supervision: Publishing with PhD students."

Presented By Professor Bob Galliers and Dr Crispin Coombs
  • 10.30am: Registration; 11-12.30pm: Talks; 12.30-1.30pm: Lunch; 1.30-3.30pm: Talks; 3.30pm: Departure
  • Sir Richard Morris building, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University (Room BE0.64)
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    It is £59.00 to register, please visit the online store.

About this event

Advanced notice and preparation for the workshop

We thought it would be helpful to give you a sense of what we’re planning for this workshop, to provide you with some background material to sink your teeth into, and to seek your input as regards any specific topics or issues you would like to have discussed.


The overall theme of this workshop arises from the first workshop, which was held in June last year. There, we discussed the process of publishing in top journals, and a discussion point arising from the session concerned the question of publishing with one’s PhD students and it was agreed that we should hold a subsequent workshop on this topic. Thus, this session addresses the challenges and opportunities of doing so.


As was the case with the first workshop, there are four overall objectives:

-          To present and discuss a senior scholar’s experiences of supervising and publishing with PhD students;

-          To provide an opportunity for attendees to participate in round table breakouts, focused on identifying and reflecting upon their own experiences with the aim of highlighting the challenges and potential solutions to producing joint publications arising from students’ doctoral research;

-          To draw upon the experiences of attendees to share their own ideas, concerns and key learning points, and

-          To provide an opportunity for attendees to develop and extend their personal academic network.


     Sample topics/questions for discussion

The following are examples of the kind of topics/questions that might form the basis for our discussions during the day. Please add to the list and let us know your thoughts.

What are your university’s regulations concerning joint publications with PhD students prior to their viva?

Is there the possibility of the PhD dissertation being in the form of a collection of published papers? If so, what are the particular requirements?

What barriers have you encountered in publishing with your PhD students (institutional, relational, other)?

What has worked in terms of joint publications … and what hasn’t?

Setting the publication agenda with one’s PhD students – publications during their doctoral studies, and post graduation.