Transport & Environment

This work was performed in the area of blind spot identification and vehicle design with Transport for London, and the European lobbying group, Transport & Environment in 2014. The project examined the potential for improved direct vision for drivers through the windows of trucks in light of potential changes that were being proposed to regulations that determine the overall length of truck. The basic premise that is that if cabs can be longer, aerodynamic features can be included which can also help to improve direct vision. The project started with an analysis of the direct vision performance of a concept truck design produced by FKA, in Germany. This then led to the revision of the concept to improve direct vision. The results showed that the basic concept had limited success in improving direct vision. However, further modifications to the design, including the addition of extra glazed areas, and the overall lowering of the cab, could improve direct vision.

Postures replicated for bus passengers
The range of vehicle designs that were assessed in the TfL/T&E project.

The full report form the project can be accessed through the Loughborough University Insitutional Repository.