Car Interior Packaging

SAMMIE CAD staff were commissioned to support the design of two new vehicles by an Asian manufacturer. The key aim was to maximise accommodation for the Chinese and European populations, with the European population being generally taller, and with longer legs as a proportion of stature than the Chinese population. The process involved defining the seat adjustability required to accommodate the population range with the only fixed variable being the location of the pedals and an approximate H30 value (the location of the hip above the floor of the vehicles as defined by The Society of Automotive Engineers standard).

Car interior with a range of vision and reach assessment requirements.

The design process involved a number of iterative stages with DHM analysis and physical mock ups validating the DHM design recommendations. The process resulted in designs which accommodates a wider range of the Chinese population than competitor vehicles, whilst also accommodating 99th percentile Dutch males, with the Dutch being the tallest population in Europe. The vehicle was ultimately put into production in by the manufacturer.

Posturing of the DHM to meet key interation point requirements.