Current SAMMIE Version

The latest version of SAMMIE now includes significant new functionality to support visual analyses. Through the use of the Volumetric and Spherical Projection menu users can now assess the field of view (FoV) of a human model through an aperture or via a mirror. Using new 3D volumtric projections, the visible volume of space can be projected and visualised. Up to 12 apertures and mirrors can be projected simultaneously allowing full 360° fields of view to be assessed.

3D volumetric vision projections
Volumetric field of view projections through windows and via mirrors

FoV projections can be shown in 3D and also projected onto either a 2D plane such as the ground, or onto the surface of a sphere centred at the eye point. Both of these methods create their own version of a visual area. For spherical projections the area can then be calculated in m2 to provide an objective measure of FoV.

3D volumetric vision projections
2D projection mapping onto the ground plane

Projections can be performed from a minocular eye point or from binocular eye points. The resulting projections can then be combined to provide the total visual area (Boolearn OR) or combined to provide the visual area only visible to both eyes (Boolean AND). Further refinements include the clipping of projections to limited distances or angles subtended from the eye point of the human model.

3D volumetric vision projections
3D spherical projections provide an objective measure of field of view

The usual array of minor tweaks and bug fixes are also included.

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