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Project: Managing Supply Chain Disruptions using Systems Dynamics Modelling

This is a joint research project between the AVRRC and Loughborough Business School to develop a dynamic capability to manage supply chain disruptions using the systems dynamic approach to make them more resilient. Supply chain disruptions not only affect business profitability, but in the past have also been a major cause for some companies shutting down or losing value at the stock market. Minimising supply chain disruptions also means that the security of supply is maximised, which in the case of essential items viz. water, energy, food, healthcare is a necessity. Hence, this project will strive to develop a capability that can manage supply chain disruptions in real-time.


1. To establish the current research in using a systems dynamic approach in supply chain modelling.

2. To investigate the fit between systems dynamic modelling approaches in understanding supply chain disruption.

3. To design a methodology and develop a tool-kit for managing supply chain disruptions in real-time.

4. To test, critically evaluate and validate the research with the collaborating company and disseminate research outcomes widely.

Relevance to Beneficiaries

Industrial Beneficiaries : The research aims to provide a working tool for managing supply chain disruptions. Specifically, but not limiting to, it will aid processing industries, logistics providers, distribution centres. The initial testing will be done at collaborating partners.

UK Industry and Governmental agencies: This research will provide a working tool for UK Plc. to minimise supply chain disruptions of essential items required for society.

Academia: Dissemination of project results at international conferences and through academic journals with benefit academic researchers. It will lead to collaborative projects with academic partners in the RSSE network and academics in the field of supply chains.

Future Work

1. An extended literature review in the area of supply chain risks and disruptions, systems dynamic modelling and simulation.

2. An interdisciplinary review of research in the area of securing supply of essential commodities.

3. Understanding the issues surrounding supply chain disruption and management from collaborating partners.

4. Modelling of the tool using systems dynamic approaches.

5. Testing and evaluating the tool in real- time.


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