When manipulating the environment in SAMMIE it is often useful to be able to move objects through predefined ranges or to specific locations and orientations. For example, a door may have an open state, and a closed position. Modifications allow this manipulation to be recorded and recalled within SAMMIE. ‘Absolute’ modifications record the location and orientation of any geometry. Any number of these can be recorded and recalled at any time to quickly flip between ‘states’ to support evaluations.

Modification provide controlled transformations of objects in the workplace
Modifications used to control the limits of motion for a sit-stand workstation

‘Incremental’ modifications allow linear or rotational movements to be applied to geometry and if required, these movements can be constrained to defined limits. A common use of this functionality is to define adjustability ranges for parts of a design. For example a car seat could have a fore-aft incremental modification limited to ±130mm to represent the adjustability of the seat. Whilst SAMMIE provides the ability to move the car seat dynamically as part of the default workplace manipulation functionality, modifications provide much greater control and ensure the movement never goes beyond constraint limits.