Inchirah Adala

Derivation of functional hepatocytes for liver tissue engineering

PhD Supervisor(s):  Felicity Rose  & Nick Hannan

Univeristy of Nottingham

Kathryn Aguilar-Agon

Using in vitro, bioengineered models of skeletal muscle to investigate treatment modalities for OA.

PhD Supervisor(s):  Mark Lewis

Loughborough Univerrsity

Iria Echevarria

Remote Control Healing

PhD Supervisor(s):  Alicia El Haj, Hareklea Markides


Keele University

Angharad Evans

Development of a bioprocessing toolkit for the improved manufacture of gene therapies

PhD Supervisor(s):  Elizabeth Ratcliffe

Loughborough Univerrsity

Jenna James

Structure-function correlation and precision bioimaging of haematopoietic stem cell niche interactions.

PhD Supervisor(s):  Alex Thompson, Amanda Wright, Kenton Arkill and Cathy Merry

Univeristy of Nottingham

Ana Tellechea-Lopez

Reaching maturity: Medicinal chemistry meets stem cell biology

PhD Supervisor(s):  Barrie Kelham & Chris Denning

Univeristy of Nottingham

Phoebe McCrorie

Development of sprayable hydrogels for controlled drug delivery in the treatment of glioblastoma

PhD Supervisor(s):  Ruman Rahman & Maria Marlow

Univeristy of Nottingham

Andie Shaw

Wireless electrical communication with cells towards modulating neuronal relays for restoring organ function

PhD Supervisor(s):  Frankie Rawson, Ruman Rahman, Richard Hague

Univeristy of Nottingham

Adam Studd

Probing cadherin cell adhesion molecules and their regulation of stem cell pluripotency and early cell fate choice

PhD Supervisor(s):  Stephanie Allen, Phil Williams & Cathy Merry

Univeristy of Nottingham

Elisa Tarsitano

3D Bio-printing of cell-laden hydrogel fibres with defined micro-environment

PhD Supervisor(s):  Jing Yang &  Morgan Alexander

Univeristy of Nottingham

Catherine Taylor

Rational 3D printing of polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering

PhD Supervisor(s):  Jing Yang; Joel Segal, Galina Pavlovskaya

Univeristy of Nottingham