Partners | Loughborough University

Loughborough University’s commitment to Health and Wellbeing is evident in the breadth of healthcare related research that is ongoing across campus.  Two key activities, which involve ~20 academic staff, underpin the University’s research in the field of Regenerative Medicine: the Centre for Biological Engineering (CBE) and the Musculo-skeletal biology research group. The CBE is made-up of a suite of restricted access Class 2 laboratories for human and animal cell growth and an analytical suite to service all laboratories. The activities within the CBE are positioned in the translational space between scientific discovery and the production of cell and tissue based products, making Loughborough one of the major national centres for late stage,  process oriented research. 

In addition, the Musculo-sketetal biology research group is housed within its own research facility and focuses primarily on skeletal muscle (SkM) and the systems it interfaces with (i.e. bone, tendon, neural) to develop 3D bioengineered systems in vitro. An iterative approach is taken so the "feed-forward" and "feedback" with in vivo systems is vital to inform as to where our bioengineered systems fit in.  Notably, the activity across campus is multidisciplinary with physiologists, biomechanists, mechanical, electrical, chemical engineers, (bio)chemists and clinicians working together in teams to deliver excellence in our research.