Double Beam Shear  Composite Material Testing Tool


Graphs and data

This innovative new test means that the transport systems of the future will lighter, safer, stronger and greener.

Advanced composites are lighter than the materials conventionally used to build a range of vehicles (aircraft, cars, ships and train). They are also – in many cases – stronger and more durable under even the most challenging of conditions.

In comparison to current test methods, the Double Beam Shear test has the capacity to make analysis of these advanced materials more economical and reliable than current methods.

Improving materials testing means that greater use can be made of light-weight and robust composites in vehicle manufacture.

The Double Beam Shear method offers numerous advantages over the current test methods –Short Beam Shear and Iosipescu Shear.

  • Guarantee of pure ILS sections
  • Consistent ILS failure or delamination
  • Greater ILS strength values
  • ILS strength and modulus in a single test
  • Low cost specimen preparations and simple set-up