Xinan Li

PhD in Sociology, Loughborough University (to be awarded in Dec 2019)

MA in Global Media and Cultural Industries, Loughborough University (2013)

BA in English Literature, Yunnan Normal University, China (2011)

  • Research Student

Xinan Li is trained to be a sociologist of religion. He is completing his doctoral research under the supervision of Dr Line Nyhagen and Dr Thoralf Klein. Before pursuing an academic career, he was a full-time journalist of social investigation and part-time English-speaking tour guide in China.

Xinan Li’s doctoral project focuses on the emerging ethnic Chinese Christian communities in contemporary Britain. He pioneers in the qualitative and ethnographic inquiries on the experiences of religion and migration of the Chinese diaspora in Britain. His present research outcomes have been disseminated in various national and international conferences.

Xinan is a member of the British Sociological Association (BSA) and the Sociology of Religion Study Group within BSA. He is part of the School’s Sociology Research Clusters and affiliated to the Centre for Research in Communication and Culture.