Pisit Sreeprasert

MA, Media Studies BA, Mass Communication

  • Research Student

Pisit is lecturer of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Chaing Mai University, Thailand. He has been PhD student in the department of Social and Policy Studies since January 2021.

In 2003, he granted a Bachelor degree in Mass Communication from Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and hold a Master degree in Media studies in 2011. After this, he took place as lecturer in journalism, creative writing and photography for communication in Chiang Mai University. He granted the scholarship from Korean Government Scholarships for International Student in 2015 to study in Korea for 4 years.

Pisit interests in Cultural Studies especially Culture industry, Cultural Hegemony, and Cultural Imperialism. For his doctoral research, this has been commenced from January 2021 under the supervision of Dr. Iris Wigger and Dr. Thoralf Klein.

Pisit interests in Cultural Studies especially the presentation of national identies through media. In 2012, he studied the K-Wave (Korean Wave) phenomena and effected on Thai teenager.  

In 2017, Pisit presented 3 papers in World Communication Association (WCA), American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. He won the 3rd top best full paper from ‘Asian Sense in the Hollywood Films: A Ideological Approach on the Film’.  Another 2 papers are ‘Media Representation, Thai Cuisine and Korean Cuisine and Inter-Cultural Implication: A comparative Study on Thai Cuisine and Korean Cuisine through Media Representation’ and ‘Homosexual in Korea, Individual Experiences and Cultural Conflicts: A Narrative Study on a Foreign Homosexual Experiences’.

In 2018, he was a team of the project ‘Community Communication: 9 Royal Irrigation in the Reign of King Rama IX’. Pisit was the team leader conduct on the documentary part in youth practice. This project has been present on Asian University Network Forum on Advance in Research (AUNFAIR), Nagoya, Japan.

As doctoral researcher in Loughborough, Pisit interest to investigate how Hollywood industry portray the identity of Asia through the films and literatures which constructed by Western producer.  

  • Thai Cuisine: the Representation of Thai Identities, Thai Ideology and Power Discourse. (Published in Thai)
  • Journal of Mass Communication, Vol.6 No.1 January – June 2018, p. 1-35.