Dr Louise Nicholas (Grove)

BSc, MRes, Ph.D, Loughborough University

  • Senior Lecturer in Criminology and Social Policy

Louise is an interdisciplinary criminologist with a background in crime prevention and victimology. Her main research and teaching interests are in heritage crime and green criminology.

Louise has published extensively on the nature and extent of crimes against heritage assets, as well as the protection of such assets. Her 2014 book ‘Heritage Crime: Progress, Prospects and Prevention’ was the first to draw together contributions from around the globe on the varied problems facing cultural heritage.

Louise's current research develops a criminological approach to issues affecting cultural heritage. Her most recent publications have critiqued the data available on heritage crime and suggested alternative approaches to the identification of at-risk locations for illicit metal detecting.

Louise's past research focused on crime prevention, and in particular the concept of repeat victimisation: that once a person, place, or business has been a victim of crime once, they are far more likely to be a victim on subsequent occasions. The change in crime over recent years has also formed part of Louise's work. This background informs the approach she now takes to her research on heritage crime.

Louise has previously received funding from the Economic and Social Research Council, English Heritage, the University of Helsinki, and the Loughborough University Development Trust. She welcomes enquiries from potential collaborators and PhD students on heritage crime and green criminology issues.

Louise’s convenes two undergraduate modules: ‘green criminology: environmental crimes and harms’ and ‘crime prevention’.

Louise is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

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