Angus Macalister

BA (Hons) Business Management, MA (Hons) Digital Media and Society

  • Research Student

In 2017, Angus completed an MA (Hons) in Digital Media and Society with Loughborough University's School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Prior to that, Angus was at Manchester Metropolitan University for his Undergraduate Degree, during which time he also worked for a business-to-business marketing agency in Manchester. His Undergraduate Degree was in Business and it was during his time studying this area and working with marketing technology that Angus developedhis primary academic research interest; technology's reinforcement of inequalities in society.

Angus' current PhD project is an investigation into how inequalities are reinforced among the LGBT community by mobile dating applications. Previous research suggests digital media is widely used in the LGBT community to find partners whilst problematic, exclusionary discourses permeate gay dating apps and LGBT from ethnic minorities face increased difficulties in terms of acceptance. It is mainly a quantitative project but qualitative interviews will also be used in the initial stages to decipher, for example, implied users and cultural meanings of key apps.

The project will determine which inequalities and privileges are being reinforced within different facets of the British Millennial LGBT community in terms of patterns of use, motivations, cultural resonance, diversity and success of varied app use. Samples will include LGBT millennials of both manual and professional occupations and both White and South Asian ethnicities.