Naomi Alormele

  • Postgraduate Researcher

Naomi graduated with a BA(Hons) in Applied Social Studies in 2012, with a dissertation focus on inclusion of pupils identified as having social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Her passion for an exploration of how individuals’ identities impacted their educational experiences developed from this undergraduate project. Her interest in equality and inclusion also developed from roles working in educational exclusion units and different social care services. 

Upon completion of her undergraduate qualification, she completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, with a focus on post compulsory teaching. Naomi chose to specialise in health and social care due to the breadth of knowledge and opportunities it provided for community roles and support for various vulnerable groups. In her early career, qualifying as a College Lecturer in 2013 she taught in London and Watford. She then transitioned into an academic role as a HE Lecturer in 2019. Progressing in her academic career, Naomi was recognised as a Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in 2022. 

Throughout her academic career to date, Naomi has had a drive for engagement with equality, diversity, and inclusion work. Her positionality as a mixed-race Black Ghanaian and White British woman has shaped her experiences of the world and her awareness of racial and social injustice in society. As an Activist and Feminist, Naomi engages with staff and independent networks in the promotion of inclusion for staff and students from marginalised ethnic groups.  

Naomi has an interest in academic teaching and research in the areas of social change, the impacts of trauma, intersectional identities, and equity. This is reflected in her teaching work to date, where she leads on rights and inclusion, collaborating for social change and developing professional skills modules.   

Her PhD research is on women from marginalized ethnic groups and their perceptions of feeling welcome in Higher Education roles. Within this project, she is exploring socio-cultural inclusion, equity in staff roles and institutional strategies for recognition of staff members lived experiences. Her research focuses on the lived experiences of women from both academic and professional roles. An important element of her project is for the research to be reflective of the participants struggles and successes. Individual and collective experiences of micro aggressions and systemic injustice is therefore a vital element of the research.


Research question: An investigation of Equity in Higher Education roles; exploring the lived experience of women from ‘racialized communities’

Naomis' PhD research is funded through the Centre for Doctoral Training on Unequal Academic Citizenship: Opportunities and Barriers to Participation and Inclusion of Cultural Diversity and Intersecting Identities in Higher Education (CITHEI).