Kun Wang

  • Postgraduate Researcher
  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • MSC in International Financial and Political Relations
  • BA in Ideological and Political Education, Shandong Normal University

Kun's undergraduate majored in ideological and political education at Shandong Normal University in China. Kun completed their postgraduate studies at Loughborough University, majored in international financial and political relations, and served as a course representative. At the same time, Kun has a strong interest in current affairs and history.

Under the Department of Political and International Studies, the research topics are mainly focused on the “The Belt and Road Initiative”, and will be supervised by Dr Taku Tamaki and Dr Christos Kourtelis. Also, the research will be dedicated to studying the ideology of the belt and road initiative of China, and proposing a conceptual framework as to how the foreign policy project of China benefits the economy of the country, and drawing recommendations for China as to how the country can leverage the potential opportunities of this project to strengthen its diplomatic relations with the other countries.