Klara Volaric

MA in History and Philosophy, University of Rijeka (2009) MA in Comparative History with the special emphasis on the Ottoman Empire, Central European University, Bogazici University (2014).

  • Postgraduate Researcher

She joined Loughborough University in October 2017. Her previous research focussed on the Ottoman Balkans' social and cultural history in the Hamidian and Young Turk eras, while for her PhD she is working on nation-building and migrations in interwar Yugoslavia and the Republic of Turkey. She is primarily interested in history from below, moving from a state-centred perspective in order to examine both the implementation of Yugoslav and Turkish state policies at the micro level and the agency of the groups and individuals involved.

Current research interests

Current research interests: nationalism, migration and nation-building, subaltern history (history from below)

  • Workshop on Political Transitions and Minority Strategies of Entrenchment in the Eastern Mediterranean at École française de Athénes, Greece. The Yugoslav state and Muslim minorities in South Serbia: educational affairs (2022) 
  • Anti-Fascism and Ethnic Minorities at Abo Akademi University, Finland. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia and Muslim Ethnic Minorities: Parliamentary Elections in 1930s (2021) 
  • (Forced) Migration and Large-Scale Settlement in Modern European History at Technical University of Dresden. Immigration Politics of the Interwar Turkey (2021).
  • Conference Contested Minorities in the 'New Europe': National İdentity from the Baltics to the Balkans, 1918-1939, Birkbeck, University of London (June 2019). Paper: 'Our Turks do not Feel Like a National Minority': Macedonian Turks in Interwar Yugoslavia
  • The 6th Young Scholars Forum on Cross-border Cooperation in Central and South East Europe at the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe, Vienna (November 2018). Paper: Nation-Building in Interwar Turkey: What does it Mean to Be a Turk?
  • Conference on Russian and East European Studies, University of Tartu (June 2018). Paper: Nation-statehood and Minority Issues in Interwar Yugoslavia: the case of non-Slavic Muslims.
  • Workshop at the Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies (AIAS), Denmark (May 2017). Paper: Ruler Visibility, Modernity and the Ethnonational Mindset: The Role of the Ottoman Press during Hamidian Era.
  • Conference Ottoman Istanbul III at the 29 Mayis University, Istanbul (May 2015). Paper: Istanbul Memories of Alka Mažuranić Nestoroff.
  • Conference Balkan Worlds II: Balkan Perceptions of War and Revolution at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki (November 2014). Paper: The Austrian-Hungarian Occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina as experienced by Croatian intellectual Eugen Kumičić.
  • Ottoman Studies Workshop at the University of Oxford (May 2014). Paper: Self-representation and Collective Image-making: How did the Ottoman Serbs represent themselves?


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Book Reviews

  • "Ayşe Parla, Precarious Hope: Migration and the Limits of Belonging in Turkey”, Insight Turkey, vol. 23, no.3, 2021 
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Edited Books

  • “The Istanbul Letters of Alka Nestoroff” in Memoria 1. Bonn: Max Weber Stiftung, 2015.


  • İlber Ortaylı, Naša historija i mi [Tarihimiz ve biz]. Sarajevo: Connectum, 2017. 
  • Halil İnalcık, Osmanlije [Osmanlılar]. Sarajevo: Connectum, 2020 (translated with Eldina Memic)