Jonathan Bigger

  • Postgraduate Researcher
  • Language Centre Supervisor
Jonathan is researching the British anarchist group Class War with a specific focus on their approach to the general election of 2015. Class War stood seven candidates in the election, one of whom was Jonathan, who is now studying them from the inside. As anarchists tend to shun concepts like representation, even within their own ranks, as well as working towards the ending of the state, the groups' electoral behavior is worthy of close investigation. The study is ethnographic in nature providing a detailed account of how the group operates, its norms, values, structure and methods of organising.
The thesis considers the notion that true liberation comes from below, from the people acting collectively to challenge authority rather than being handed from above by an elite who retain power. It investigates Class War's direct action and assesses their effectiveness in achieving liberation. In this context it considers their election campaign as a form of direct action in itself; one that ruptures the norms of electoral campaigning, providing the group with new avenues for activity.

MA International Labour and Trade Union Studies, Ruskin College, Oxford, 2014
MA Democratic Studies, Leeds University, 1998
BA (Hons) Politics, London Guildhall University 1997