Dr Ana Baeza-Ruiz


  • Research Associate (Feminist Art Making Histories)
  • Journals of a pandemic
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  • Ana is the Research Associate for the project Feminist Art Making Histories (FAMH) at SSH, a digital humanities project aims to unearth 'hidden' and 'untold' stories of feminist art across both islands from the 1970s to the present day. She combines this research with her role as lecturer in the History of Art Department (University of Bristol), where she teaches in visual arts and cultural heritage studies. As a teacher, she is interested in critical pedagogies and radical approaches to teaching, working across feminism and decoloniality. Previously, she has worked as Curator at the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture (Middlesex University); researcher at the Victoria and Albert Museum (for the exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo’). In 2017, she completed her PhD at the University of Leeds, in collaboration with the National Gallery (London).

    Ana's research has focused on twentieth-century public art museums in relation to debates about cultural democratization and publicness, thinking through these historical developments in relation to practices of participation in museums today. Her PhD, in collaboration with the National Gallery (London), explored the curatorial re-organisation of art museum spaces in twentieth-century Britain to understand the formation of new approaches to art, visual education and its publics. More recent work includes a critical assessment of contemporary practices of community engagement in museums, drawing on her practice as curator (Museums of Domestic Design and Architecture; Journals of a Pandemic; V&A).

    Her recent project, Journals of a Pandemic, was an independent initiative gathering personal impressions of life in Covid-19. It was acquired by Wellcome Trust in 2021. Journals invited contributions from those not well represented in the mainstream media, including sex workers, disability activists from Disabled People against Cuts (DPAC), other activists, students and artists.

    Current collaborations include working the graphic novelist Una on a project around mainstream representations of gender-based violence, drawing on Una’s graphic novel Becoming Unbecoming; and a creative collaboration with bio-engineer Giovanni Biglino, photographer Paola di Bella and patients with congenital heart disease, which will involve a co-curated exhibition of portraits in Bristol. In partnership with Dr Rebecca Bell (University of West of England), they are working with researchers and teachers across the disciplines of as nursing, sociology, fashion, education and art to form ‘Pedagogies of hope’, a space for discussing and addressing pedagogic practice as well as role of cultural institutions within a social justice framework.

    (In prep) Baeza Ruiz, A. ‘Towards sensibilities of caring with and for museum objects in a post-92 university context’. Planned submission to Journal of Museum Education by May 2022.

    (Forthcoming) Baeza Ruiz, A. and Hendon, Z. ‘Displaying co-creation: an enquiry into participatory engagement at the university museum’. Submitted in February 2021 to Participatory Practices in Arts and Heritage: Learning Through and from Collaboration (Springer).

    • (2020) Baeza Ruiz, A. ‘Una’s Becoming Unbecoming, Visuality and Sexual Trauma’, in Rifkind, C. and Davies, D. eds. Documenting Trauma: Traumatic Pasts, Embodied Histories & Graphic Reportage in Comics. Palgrave Macmillan.
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