Dr Václav Štětka: Mediating populism

Dr Václav Štětka: Mediating populism: the impact of news exposure on populist attitudes and party support during the 2019 EP elections.

The media have long been primary suspects in the search for factors that influence populist political attitudes and electoral support for populist parties, and research interest in exploring this link has only grown with the contemporary rise of right-wing populism in many Western countries.

However, existing empirical evidence is often fragmented, with most studies being of limited geographical and methodological scope.

Utilizing data from our new project 'The Illiberal Turn', this presentation will focus on the relationship between media and populism in the Czech Republic - a heavily Euroskeptic country with a high prevalence of anti-immigration attitudes and dominance of populist parties in the Parliament - in the context of the 2019 European Parliament elections.

Following up on the findings from this case study, the presentation will also attempt to draw some general observations regarding the links between populism, media freedom and changing information ecosystem in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

About the presenter:
Dr Václav Štětka is a Lecturer in Communication and Media Studies and PI of the ESRC research project titled 'The Illiberal Turn? News Consumption, Political Polarisation and Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe.'

This event is organised by the Populism Research Group.

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