Professor Christel Prudhomme

  • Visiting Professor (Hydroclimatology)

I am a principal scientist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) at the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) as well as being a Visiting Professor (Loughborough University) specialising in Hydro-climatology.

2015-present: Project manager and team leader; principal hydroclimatologist, CEH .

2004-2015: Project manager and team leader; senior hydrologist, CEH.

2002-2004: Research Engineer at the Direction de Recherche et Developpement d'Electricite de France (Chatou, France).

I lead a small team dedicated to study, understand and model the development in time and space of water deficits across spatial scales (from local to global), to assess their associated uncertainty and to quantifying the impact of climate variability and change on the hydrological processes and how in turn this impacts on the environment. I also coordinate CEH research on droughts.

Recent research projects include:

  • ‘EDgE: End-to-end Demonstrator for improved decision making in the water sector in Europe’ (EU-Copernicus, 2015-2017, Total 1.6M€, CEH 627k€) Lead PI and Deputy Project Lead
  • 'Lakes in Transition’ (NFR research grant Programme Milijo 2015, Norway) CEH PI and international expert ‘
  • IMPETUS ‘Improving predictions of drought for user decision-making' (NERC thematic programme; CEH budget £555k FTE) CEH PI
  • 'Analysis of historic drought and water scarcity in the UK: a systems-based study of drivers, impacts and their interactions' (NERC thematic programme; CEH budget £655k) Co-I
  • 'CCRA2: Updated projections of water availability for the UK' (CCC funding; HRWallingford lead; CEH budget £30k) CEH-PI
  • 'Performance of water supply systems during extreme drought' (EA/ UKWIR funding; AMEC lead; CEH budget: £17k) CEH-PI
  • CEH-WP4 MARS 'Managing Aquatic ecosystems and water resources under multiple stress' (EU-FP7; NERC budget €948k) Co-I and coordinator of the Thames basin case study.
  • 'Future flows and groundwater levels' (Partnership funding; total budget budget £760k FTE) Lead PI
  • 'Water and Global Change' (EU-FP5; CEH-WB4 budget: £621k) Co-I
  • 'The spatial coherence of European droughts' (EA funding; total budget £81.5k) Lead PI

Selected publications