Dr Susann Stritzke

PhD Political Science Techncial University Dresden, Germany: "Functions and Performance of Parliaments in an African Hybrid System: The National Assembly of Zambia". Master Political Science, Psychology, Law

  • Senior Research Associate in Finance for Modern Energy Cooking

Dr Susann Stritzke is working on innovative finance and implementation strategies to enhance access to clean energy and modern cooking resources for the Global South. She has profound experience on studying the feasibility of electrification strategies in sub-Saharan Africa and has worked on the sustainability of renewable energy off-grid solutions including the development of integrated infrastructure approaches for rural communities as a Researcher at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment/University of Oxford.

Susann has been working in sub-Saharan Africa during various engagements since 2007 when she gained first-hand experience by working with Women Self-Help Groups in Zambia and by installing small solar PV systems at local schools.

Beside her research engagement, Susann has gained over 15 years of international account management and business development experience in the technology - and renewable energy sectors. She is also directly involved in developing renewable energy projects such as the construction of solar-powered plus-energy houses in Germany through an executive role for ndl management gmbh, a RE project developer.

1.8 billion people have access to electricity but still cook with biomass. Load shedding, weak grids, affordability of electricity, accessibility of liquid petroleum gas (LPG), tradition, perceptions, and a lack of suitable cooking appliances all act as barriers to scaling up the use of electricity or gas for cooking – clean cooking. The Modern Energy Cooking Services Programme (MECS), funded by UKAid through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), led by Loughborough University aims to deliver strategies and create substantial impact to enhance the accessibility to modern cooking sources in developing countries. As a Senior Researcher in the programme, Susann works on the strategic direction and implementation of MECS strategy for scale-up with a particular focus on financial markets, consumer finance, results based financing, innovation policy and technical assistance. Central to her work is a holistic approach that combines technical and financial dimensions, policies as well as the situation and perceptions of local communities. During her work, Susann engages with local policymakers and leaders, rural communities, businesses and scholars to jointly develop sustainable solutions to enhance clean energy and modern cooking access that match the complex challenges for communities in the Global South.