Academic career:

  • 2019: Post-doctoral fellow: Royal Society-Newton International Fellowship at Loughborough University, Geography and Environment
  • 2018: Researcher at Department of Ecology and Hydrology, University of Murcia (Spain)
  • 2015: PhD (Department of Ecology and Hydrology, Aquatic Ecology Group, University of Murcia, Spain)

Professional responsibilities:

  • 2016-2017: Freshwater Ecologist at DBO5-AQUABIO Environmental Consulting firm, Seville, Spain

Prizes and awards:

  • 2015: Best student presentation at 9th Symposium for European Freshwater Sciences (5-10 July 2015, Genève, Switzerland)

The main object of his research is represented by aquatic macroinvertebrates within different aquatic ecosystems (mainly rivers and streams) and their applications as indicators of ecosystem functioning, ecological status or conservation interest. He is interested in freshwater monitoring and ecological indicators, aquatic biodiversity distribution and factors related to its patterns as well as concordance among different components of aquatic biodiversity (under taxonomic and functional point of view).

Current research project:

The effects of biological invasions on the ecological integrity of rivers and biomonitoring indices: identifying challenges and predicting the consequences.

Selected publications

  • Guareschi S., & Wood P.J. (2019). Taxonomic changes and non-native species: An overview of constraints and new challenges for macroinvertebrate-based indices calculation in river ecosystems. The Science of the Total Environment, 660, 40-46.
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