Rowan is currently researching issues of gender and squatting in the context of resistance to the housing crisis. By centring the role of gender regarding inclusion in movements which aim to reclaim both public space and the private realm, she aims to highlight the ways in which women, migrants, and particularly migrant women, are predominantly affected by displacement processes, due to their greater reliance on low-income housing, benefits, and their precarious labour market prospects. This affects their ability to find housing alternatives after eviction, and their participation in anti-capitalist or overtly confrontational urban struggles.

She has previously undertaken research at the University of Oxford on the inherently political nature of squatting and squatting as an ecological practice. She wrote her MSc thesis on the intersections between squatting and anti-gentrification campaigns across Europe. She has previously squatted in London and is also engaged in contemporary housing movements such as the Radical Housing Network and helped run the Anti-Social Centre, a squatted social centre in Central London.

Her current interest lies in the role of gender in housing justice movements and struggles over urban public space.

Broader interests include the possibilities of anarchist geographies, feminist geography and activism, contestation and the politics of space, and social protest and resistance. 

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