PhD Topic/Title: Decentralised Energy Governance in the Global South: Political Decentralisation and Energy Access in Rural Kenya post-2010.


The changing political and energy contexts of the Global South have seen energy access and clean energy solutions rise up the international development agenda. Although a growing literature explores these initiatives, insufficient attention has been paid to the crucial role of local governance within these transitions. This is particularly surprising given current political decentralisation drives in the Global South. This part EPSRC funded PhD aims to bridge the gap between the energy and political decentralisation literatures. Focussing on Kenya (site of one of the most extensive current political decentralisation processes), it attempts to better understand the role of local governance in addressing energy issues.


The research connects to Loughborough University’s existing work in this field.

  • The READ (Renewable Energy and Decentralization) project with partners Practical Action and GAMOS focuses on the implications of political decentralization for energy issues in Kenya and Rwanda
  • The SONG (Solar Nano-Grids) project with the United International University and INTASAVE focuses on small-scale solar interventions at the community level in Bangladesh and Kenya.
  • The group at Loughborough are also heavily involved with the UK Low Carbon Energy for Development Network