Dr Richard Figueroa-Alfaro

PhD in Physical Geography (2017-2021), the University of Manchester. Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Environmental Engineering (2016-2017), Northern Private University. Master’s degree in Community and Regional Planning (2013-2015), University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Master’s degree in Management of Environmental Risks and Business Safety (2011-2012), National University of Trujillo. Bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Mining Engineering (2004-2008), National University of Trujillo.

  • University Teacher in Geographical Information Systems

Richard's current role is a University Teacher in Geographical Information Systems at Geography and Environment department at Loughborough University. His previous roles include Graduate Teaching Assistant at The University of Manchester, UK; part-time Lecturer at Northern Private University, Peru; and Research Assistant at University of Nebraska – Lincoln, USA. Richaed is a peruvian mining-environmental engineer with two master’s degrees (environmental and planning), and a PhD in Physical Geography. His main interests focus on studying and promoting mitigation and adaptation strategies to address climate change in natural and built environments for the sustainable development of ecosystems and society.

Research specialisation in the use of remote sensing to monitor nature-based solutions (NBS) in coastal environments, in particular, coastal wetlands delivering sea flooding control for natural flood management (NFM) purposes. Research topics include:

  • Remote sensing approaches for assessing wave attenuation by saltmarsh vegetation: benefits for monitoring managed realignment schemes (PhD thesis)
  • Calculation of the Climate Vulnerability Index (CVI) of water resources in the Cajamarca region, Peru 2018 (undergraduate dissertation)
  • Evaluation of cultural ecosystem aesthetic value of the state of Nebraska by mapping geo-tagged photographs from social media data of Panoramio and Flickr (Master’s dissertation)
  • Inter-local / Governmental Cooperation in the United States: Analysis of the current level of inter-local agreement cases
  • Quality of Life Based on Residential Environment in Crete, NE, U.S.A.

Diagnosis of territorial order in district “La Encañada” in Cajamarca City: Determination of potential, limitations, restrictions, vulnerabilities and risks (Master’s dissertation)

Support and assistance on the following modules:

• 21GYA003 - Quantitative Methods in Geography
• 21GYA006 - Practising Geography
• 21GYA007 - Cartography, Digital Mapping & GIS
• 21GYA008 - Global Environmental Change at Local Scale
• 21GYB201 - Remote Sensing & GIS
• 21GYB230 - Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
• 21GYC500 - Geography Dissertation

  • Figueroa-Alfaro, R.W., Van Rooijen, A., Garzon, J.L., Evans, M., and Harris, A. (2021), Modelling wave attenuation by saltmarsh using satellite-derived vegetation properties, Ecological Engineering, (under review)
  • Figueroa-Alfaro, R.W., Möller, I., Evans, B., van der Wal, D., Dijkstra, J., Evans, M., and Harris, A. (2021), Seasonal linkages between wave attenuation and satellite-derived leaf area index (LAI) on a saltmarsh (Tillingham, UK), Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, (under review)
  • Figueroa-Alfaro, R.W., Harris, A., and Evans, M. (2021), Deriving brown leaf area index (LAI) of saltmarshes from Sentinel-2 MSI imagery, GIScience & Remote Sensing, (under review)
  • Figueroa-Alfaro, R.W., Tang, Z., 2016, Evaluating Aesthetic Value of Cultural Ecosystem Service by Mapping Geo-Tagged Photographs from Social Media Data on Panoramio and Flickr, Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, (In press). doi.org/10.1080/09640568.2016.1151772