• Technical Support:
  • GIS support/admin
  • UAS (survey drone) support
  • Cartography/Mapping/Illustration
  • CMS (web)


  • CLA departmental contact
  • Departmental Map Collection
  • EDINA DigiMap Technical support contact
  • ESRI ARCGIS (via EDUSERV) administrator & contact
  • Member of British Cartographic Society

Links to GIS/Maps/Spatial data 

  • CASWEB - Demographics (UK Census Data, for 2011 see INFUSE below)
  • China - Free GIS, mainly older boundary & admin (not always available)
  • DigiMap - UK vector, raster and point data - GIS ready
  • ESRI - Online data for ArcGIS
  • GEOCONVERT - Converting from one geography to another
  • Geology - BGS (UK) Map & Data Viewers (also see DigiMap)
  • INFUSE (UK census data for 2001 and 2011)
  • Historical UK - see DigiMap
  • MAGIC (DEFRA - geographic information about the natural environment)
  • Online Mapping - list of National online services
  • Open Map - Open source online mapping
  • Satellite Images (USGS)
  • Soils - UK Soil Observatory
  • UK Borders - GIS ready boundary data (Now part of UK Census)
  • UK Census 2011 - GIS Boundary (not available in UK Borders)
  • UK Census Explore more data (collection of links)

Some of these services require an initial registration which may take up to 48hrs to be approved.

Postcode data

Postcodes as areal data (inc. Area & District level) use:

  • Digimap Code-Point polygons (ESRI .shp or MapInfo .MIF)

Postcodes as point data (inc. Area & District level) use: 

  • Digimap Code-Point (tabular data .csv format)
  • Ordnance Surveys Code-Point Open (tabular data .csv format) 

To convert postcodes to OS grid coordinates/Decimal Degrees (necessary to map in ArcGIS) use:

Postcode Resources (Census Geography)


  • Postcode Area level = postcodes beginning with first part (usually first two letters), e.g. LE
  • Postcode District level = postcodes beginning with first & second part (letters & numbers), e.g. SW7 or LE12
  • Use free online services with care
  • Digimap requires Athens login
  • OS Open Data is free but needs to be ordered, usually supplied on a DVD
  • Please email me for permission to access the booking calendars and remote access.
  • Usual procedure is to book a remote access slot, upload your data then start your process, this time should be minimal. Once your process is running you should "Disconnect" to allow other users to login and do the same. Disconnecting does NOT end your process it only ends the remote access session, you are still "logged in".
  • It would help other users if you then booked a 2nd time slot if you know approximately how long your process will be running for, this may be hours/days/weeks but during this time other users can login to start/end/monitor their processes as long the booking allows this.
  • For best performance load data onto one of the SSDs.
  • Do not process data from network drives.
  • Data on SSDs (Drives E,F,G etc) are not backed up, so make sure you back as soon as you can.
  • Remove any data after processing to free up space on the SSDs.
  • This is a shared resource please DO NOT attempt to restart or shutdown the computers.
  • When making a booking please use your full name.
  • Please sign out completey when you are finished (Sign out is not the same as Disconnecting).

Check bookings here (these read-only for quick access, to make an actual booking use your Outlook Calendar):

Z820 Bookings   (preferred for computational processing, more cores and RAM)

Z840 Bookings   (preferred for 3D image processing, has Pix4D)

bookmark these as Z820 and Z840 now!

See info on accessing and booking.

If this system does not suit you please use the central HPC system (see ITS webpages for more info).

Please be aware that it takes time to prepare a flight assessment and Mark would suggest any requests be made at least two weeks in advance.

Current availability of our multi-rotors can be checked here:

DJI Phantom

Tarot Hexcopter X6

A flight risk assessment needs to be produced first and if the flight cannot be conducted safely and within the law we will not be insured and clearly won't operate, so before choosing a survey site consider these restrictions, see the DroneSafe website for more information.

We have two DJI drones (P3P and P4P RTK) and the a multispectal camera for NIR mapping.