New ESRC Project - Dr Sarah Mills

Dr Sarah Mills, Reader in Human Geography, has secured ESRC funding as part of a new research project led by Dr James Ash (Newcastle University).

Sarah will be a Co-Investigator on the two-year project “Between Gaming and Gambling: investigating children and young people's experiences and understandings of gambling style systems in digital games” (total grant value £351,903).

Focusing on children’s experiences and practices and also engaging families and games designers, the project seeks to understand how young people actually use, make sense of and respond to gambling style systems in digital games in their everyday lives. Moving beyond purely legal or formal analyses of these systems, the project addresses the key societal question of whether these systems encourage gambling-like behaviour, and if they do, then how can these systems and services be regulated? In doing so, the project will produce evidence to inform regulatory debate and influence public policy around gambling systems in digital games and changing definitions of digital gambling more broadly.The project will begin in May 2019.

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