RGS-IBG Research Grant for Dr Sophie Cranston

Dr Sophie Cranston has recently secured a £3,000 RGS-IBG Small Research Grant including a Jasmin Leila Award of £250.

This grant has been awarded to fund the research project ‘“Invisible” International Students: British migrant children attending UK Universities’.

The research focuses on a group of young people, who are British by passport, but have spent a significant amount of their lives living abroad with their family. It will investigate how they negotiate competing British and global identities, following them from just before they arrive in the UK for higher education through to the end of their first year of study. Contributing a much needed youth perspective to thinking about British migration, it will contribute more broadly to our understanding of (return) migration, international student migration and the geographies of identity.

In doing so, it will examine the experiences of international students who are often invisible to their university, thinking about what kind of support mechanism these young people may require.