National Geographic Society Bid – Dr Richard Hodgkins and Dr Tom Matthews

Dr Tom Matthews has led a bid alongside Dr Richard Hodgkins which has just received $29,987 from the National Geographic Society.

This funding is to be used for research on ICEMELTS (Improving Climate Monitoring to Enhance Ladakh’s Water Security).

The research is concerned with increasing societal preparedness in Ladakh, India, against changes to the hydrological cycle consequent on a warming climate. Because of the important role of glaciers as a freshwater resource there, the project focuses on quantifying the likely rates of glacier retreat under different scenarios of future temperature increase. The initial stage of the project involves establishing a community-run high-altitude climate measurement network, which this grant finances.

Ladakh is the location of a pioneering scheme to build artificial glaciers known as ice “stupas” to preserve water resources, see the Ice Stupa Project website