Cultural Currents 1870-1930

Our research group has a wealth of expertise in nineteenth and twentieth-century literature and culture, considering transitions and continuities between the 'Victorian' to the 'modern'. We have particular interests in the Gothic, sensation and Weird fiction, the fin-de-siècle and modernism.

We are an interdisciplinary research group engaged in exploring the literature and culture of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth-centuries – often understood as the ‘Victorian to Modernist’ period (although we aim to challenge those definitions and dichotomies). Our members work across the fields of literary and cultural criticism, textual editing, digital scholarship, and publishing history, with interdisciplinary links to visual art, politics, history, and gender and sexuality studies. In considering transitions from the Victorian to the modern, our research engages in archival exploration, textual editing, close literary analysis and critical/cultural theories to bring new discoveries and fresh perspectives to this fascinating period in literature. We have an active PGR community and we hold regular events.

Matthew Adams

Lecturer in Politics, History and Communication

Catherine Armstrong 

School Lead for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Reader in Modern History

Carol Bolton

Senior Lecturer in English


Senior Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Marcus Collins

Senior Lecturer in Cultural History

Aaron Eames 

Research Student

Oliver Haslam

Research Student

Adelle Hay 

Research Student

Ruth Kinna

Professor of Political Theory

Wim van Mierlo 

Lecturer in Publishing and English

Olivia Mitchell 

Postgraduate Researcher

Oliver Tearle

Programme Director for English, Lecturer in English

Claire Warden 

Senior Lecturer in English and Drama

Members are engaged in individual and collaborative research projects, which include:

  • Poetry 1922: Beyond The Waste Land (Sarah Parker, Oliver Tearle, English)
  • Editing the Complete Works of Evelyn Waugh (Barbara Cooke, English)
  • Wrestling Resurgence project which aims to explore wrestling as an artistic practice through live wrestling shows (Claire Warden, Drama)

Poets in Vogue

Poets in Vogue is an exhibition focusing on women poets and fashion, co-curated by Sarah Parker (Loughborough University) and Sophie Oliver (University of Liverpool). Working with Gesa Werner, a costume-maker at the V&A, the exhibition will feature a series of creative installations contemplating the relationship between poetry, fashion, celebrity and self-image in the work of twentieth-century poets including Edith Sitwell, Stevie Smith, Gwendolyn Brooks and Anne Sexton.