Research strengths

Our research is organised into six broad categories, with many colleagues contributing to the work of more than one of these groups

American literature and film

Our research covers American literature and culture, with particular expertise in twentieth- and twenty-first century US fiction, cinema and star studies, philosophy and African American culture.

Spotlight: Dr Brian Jarvis recently published an article on the cinema of Jim Jarmusch and Gus Van Sant in Journal of American Studies (2019)

Contemporary and digital

Our research crosses disciplinary boundaries, exploring how cutting-edge digital technologies can be brought to bear on both textual and linguistic analysis and contemporary concerns. We are also interested in the creative potential of such technologies.

Spotlight: Dr Jennifer Cooke is the editor of a forthcoming collection of essays, New Feminist Studies: Twenty-first-century Critical Interventions with Cambridge University Press.

Early modern

Our research encompasses the Renaissance to the seventeenth century. We have internationally-recognised expertise in women’s writing, with current research on reproductive health, Quaker writing and early modern dietary culture.

Spotlight: Prof Elaine Hobby and Dr Claire Bowditch are two of the project leaders of the AHRC-funded project Editing Aphra Behn in the Digital Age, which will produce new editions of the playwright’s works for Cambridge University Press.

Language and creative writing

We are engaged in researching how language can create meaning, whether through discourse analysis, linguistics and philosophical approaches, or through creative responses.

Spotlight: Poet Dr Kerry Featherstone is a member of the board of trustees of Apples and Snakes and the Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation for Spoken Word Poetry and Education.

Long nineteenth-century literature

Our research expertise covers the Romantic period to the fin de siècle, with particular strengths in sensation fiction, Decadence and Aestheticism, poetry, women’s writing and Neo-Victorian literature.

Spotlight: Dr Claire O’Callaghan was recently featured on The Secret Life of Emily Brontë for Channel 4 (Dec 2018).

Twentieth-century literature

Our research expertise spans early twentieth century literary modernism through to contemporary literature. We have particular specialisms in modernist poetry, Evelyn Waugh, James Joyce and Irish modernism, utopianism and contemporary feminist writing.

Spotlight: Dr Siân Adiseshiah is principal convenor of the British Academy-funded conference Narratives of Old Age and Gender (September 2019)