Yingzi Wang

MA Theory of Literature and Arts (Nanjing University), MA Media and Cultural Analysis (Loughborough University)

  • Research Student

Yingzi started her PhD at Loughborough in April 2015. Prior to this, she obtained a BA in Literature of Theatre Movie and Television from Nanjing Normal University (China), a MA in Theory of Literature and Arts from Nanjing University (China), and then a MA in Media and Cultural Analysis from Loughborough University with distinction. She is currently a member of the Culture and Media Analysis Research Group (CaMARG) in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. She has also been a co-convenor for the CRCC (Centre for Research in Communication and Culture) seminar series.

Yingzi's PhD project aims to examine the transformation of Chinese television over the past 25 years, with a particular focus on the tensions between propaganda and entertainment. Specifically, she looks at how TV serial drama, a relaxing and popular genre, has contributed to promoting official agenda, and to what extent state-owned television stations have departed from a propaganda route and focused on entertainment programming. She uses quantitative content analysis and qualitative case studies to identify and explain the change of representations in serial dramas.

Her project is under the supervision of Prof. Sabina Mihelj, Dr. Thoralf Klein and Prof. David Deacon. It is funded by a Loughborough Doctoral College studentship and receives support from Nanjing University.

Her research interests include television and film studies, political communication, media representations, narratology and cultural studies.

  • Conference presentation: “Building a Confucian nation? The Meng Palace (2015) and the limits of Party-state propaganda in contemporary Chinese TV fiction”. BAFTSS Conference, University of Reading, 14-16th April, 2016.