Dr Vincent M. Gaine

PhD (University of East Anglia), MA (Keele University), BA (Keele University)

  • University Teacher

A doctoral graduate of the University of East Anglia, Vincent teaches across all years in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. He convenes introductory modules and provides dissertation supervision.

The locus of Vincent's research is the intersection of liminality, identity politics and globalisation in contemporary media. He researches mainstream cinema and television, with particular emphasis on popular filmmakers and genres.

18SSA302: Introduction To Communication and Media Studies: Historical Themes and Perspectives 
18SSA308: Introduction to Critical Viewings 
18SSB317: Critical Viewings: Film 
18SSC317: Critical Viewings: Documentary 
18SSP316: Media and Cultural Work: Inequality and Discrimination in the Creative Industries 
18SSP324: Cultural Memory and the Heritage Industries


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Book Chapters​

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Journal Articles​

  • ‘Remember Everything, Absolve Nothing: Working Through Trauma in the Bourne Trilogy’. In-Focus section ‘Shadows of 9/11’, Cinema Journal, Vol.  51, No. 1 (Fall 2011), 159-63.​
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