Dr Petrina Foti

University of Leicester, Leicester (UK), PhD in Museum Studies, November 2015
George Washington University, Washington DC (USA), Master of Arts in Museum Studies, August 2008
Georgetown University, Washington DC, Master of the Arts in Liberal Studies (USA), May 2004
Nazareth College, Rochester NY (USA), Bachelor of the Arts, May 2000

  • Research Associate

Dr Petrina Foti is a Research Associate in Museum Theory and Practice in Communication and Media Studies at Loughborough University (UK) and is the author of Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-based Technology: Curatorial Expertise at the Smithsonian Museums (Routledge, 2018). Dr Foti recently completed her degree from the University of Leicester’s School of Museum Studies. She has taught in museums studies programs in the United States, such as the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Harvard Extension School. She has held various museum positions including a post from 2006 - 2011 in the Computers Collections at the National Museum of American History and, more recently, has worked with the Oral History Collection at the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

As a scholar of computer history in museums, Dr Foti’s current research is focused on the rise of digital information and technology and the resulting impact on both museums and the wider world. She is currently serving as the Research Associate on the AHRC Research Grant funded Circuits of Practice: Narrating Modern Computers in Museum Environments alongside Dr Simone Natale (Loughborough University) and Professor Ross Parry (University of Leicester). This research project takes its inspiration from the electronic circuit, where electrical connections between diverse components enable complex operations to be performed. The project name “Circuits of Practice” is a play on this metaphor as the research aim is to establish a system of collaboration between museum-based and university-based researchers. The project brings together curators from leading museums in the UK (Bletchley Park, the Centre for Computing History, The National Museum of Computing, the National Science and Media Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum), leading international institutions (the Computer History Museum in the USA, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation “Miraikan” in Japan, the National Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo Da Vinci” in Milan, Italy), a company partner (BT Group), and the interdisciplinary team of university-based researchers.

  • Foti, P. Collecting and Exhibiting Computer-based Technology: Curatorial Expertise at the Smithsonian Museums (Routledge, 2018).
  • Foti, P. "Representing the Web: How has the National Museum of American History collected and curated internet-related technology?" MW2016: Museums and the Web 2016. Published February 1, 2016.
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