Laura graduated from Aston University in 2005 with a degree in Psychology, including a placement year in Clinical Psychology (NHS). She studied Health Psychology (MSc), and later Research Methods (MRes), before undertaking a PhD at Loughborough University with Alexa Hepburn, using Conversation Analysis to examine how children talk about pain at home with their families (2008-2012).

Laura taught undergraduate modules in statistics and developmental psychology at Loughborough University, and has undertaken Conversation Analytic research in medical communication at the Universities of Sheffield (2013-2015) and Nottingham (2015-2017).

She is based in the Centre for Research on Communication and Culture, with a focus on pain talk in palliative care.

Laura is interested in how conversation analysis can be used to better understand how we talk about pain sensations and illness experiences, both when we’re with friends and family, and when we’re talking to medical professionals.

She has been involved in designing and delivering Conversation Analytic training for doctors in the seizure clinic, to change how they ask their patients questions in order to identify linguistic details that can help distinguish between epilepsy and non-epileptic seizures.

Her current research is part of the VERDIS project, which works with doctors and patients in a palliative care hospice in the UK. They are using Conversation Analysis to unpack the way that pain is described by patients and assessed by doctors, in order to contribute to video based communication training materials for health professionals in palliative care.