Jack is a Conversation Analyst. He graduated from York St John University in 2015 with a First-Class BA(Hons) in English Language and Linguistics, where he was awarded the Research Prize, the English Language & Linguistics prize and the Vice Chancellor’s Business School Medal. During his undergraduate degree he was the chief executive of the Undergraduate Linguistic Association of Britain (ULAB), organising the 2015 conference. He was supervised by Dr Andrew J. Merrison.

In 2015 Jack was offered a scholarship from the University of York to undertake an MA in Social Research in the sociology department. He was supervised by Dr Merran Toerien and completed his thesis on ‘Joint Decision Making in Non-native user diabetes consultations’. He also co-organised the International Education: Classroom Interaction (IE:CI) conference with Dr Veronica Gonzalez Temer.

In 2016 Jack was awarded a scholarship from Loughborough University to conduct a PhD on ‘Descriptions in Interaction’; specifically, he empirically investigates the interactional features of disputes using ethnomethodological approaches. He is currently supervised by Dr Jessica S. Robles and Dr Carly W. Butler. Whilst at Loughborough he established the Resistance-in-interaction network with Dr Bogdana Huma and the Remote Data Session series with Marina Cantarutti. He is currently the 2018-19 Discourse and Rhetoric Group (DARG) coordinator. 

Jack is interested in all things interaction. His first thesis focused on initial interactions and how participants’ orient to proffered categories through information solicits, whilst working on this Jack also explored notions of value and equity exchanges in conversation for his second thesis. During this time, and with Prof. Christoper J Hall and Chris Robson, Jack worked on a project on the lexico-grammatical resources of a non-native user of English.

Jack continued his interest in non-native speaker talk through to his MA wherein he explored shared decision-making (or lack thereof) in lifestyle changes with non-native speakers in diabetes consultations with a focus on the mechanics of how these decisions work; this project is part of a larger project exploring non-native speaker diabetes consultations with Prof. Clive Seale, Dr Carol Rivas, Dr Moria Kelly and numerous others.

His current research focuses returns to his initial interest as he seeks to uncover the challenging and descriptive practices employed during arguments where the participants are unknown to one another. Jack is using a mix of ordinary, everyday ‘arguments’ where some moral, social or political issue/event is being done in and through the talk. Within this he is also exploring the sequential organisation of resistance, and how participants can safely do resisting.

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