Gabriel Knott-Fayle

Gabriel Knott-Fayle

BA (Hons) International Relations, MSc Gender and International Relations

  • Research Student

Gabriel completed his undergraduate at the University of the West of England in International Relations before completing his MSc at the University of Bristol in Gender and International Relations. During his MSc, his research focus was on how global sporting structures function as part of the international political landscape and how porting institutions actively construct and enforce conventional identities. He is now a member of the Beyond the Binary mini-CDT, an interdisciplinary research group looking at transgender and nonbinary inclusion in sport.

Research Question: How is cisgenderism discursively and rhetorically produced in sports media and communication? How does this produce cisgender and non-cisgender identities and subject positions?

Gabriel is currently researching how transgender, intersex and nonbinary sportspeople are discursively constructed in sports media and communication. His research is situated in discursive psychological understandings of prejudice. Building on this work Gabriel is examining how cisgenderism is produced and enacted in media texts as well as in interpersonal interactions.

PGR Supervisors: Professor Liz Peel and Dr Gemma Witcomb