Professor Cinzia Padovani

PhD in Media Studies

  • Marie S. Curie Experienced Researcher
  • Personal website
  • Cinzia Padovani (PhD, Media Studies, University of Colorado Boulder, 1999) is Associate Professor with Tenure at the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University. In 2018 she won a prestigious two-years Marie S. Curie Experienced Fellowship to study ultra-right media and communication at the University of Loughborough, with a Secondment at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Firenze. Dr. Padovani’s publications have appeared in numerous international peer-reviewed journals such as The International Journal of Communication, The Journal of Language and Politics, Discourse and Communication, Television and New Media, Javnost/The Public, among others. She is the author of A Fatal Attraction, Public Television and the Political System in Italy. Her research interests are in the field of ultra-right social movements media, media and politics, alternative/radical media, public service media, critical theories.

    The focus of Prof. Padovani’s research on the ultra-right includes: 1) an analysis of the media discourse about the various ultra-right organizations, leaders and activists; 2) a study of the gender-related aspects of such representation vis a vis gender roles and representation within the movements themselves; 3) an investigation of the discursive overlapping between mainstream right-wing politics and ultra-right ideologies. The theoretical underpinning of her scholarship is firmly rooted in hegemonic critique and critical media studies.

    Cinzia will join the Centre on Social Movements Studies (COSMOS) during her Secondment in Firenze.

    During her fellowship, Prof. Padovani will be off teaching or administrative duties.

    • Kim, Chunhyo. (Doctoral) ‘A Family affair: The political economy of Samsung in Korean media industries.’ [Graduated May 2014]
    • Giannino, Steven. (Doctoral) ‘A Multimodal Analysis of Black Womanhood on Reality TV’. [Passed Dissertation Defence with Provisions, February 28, 2018]
    • Page, Marguerite. (Doctoral) [Admitted to Candidacy December 15, 2017, student withdrew in Spring 2018 for personal reasons]
    • Rensing, Sydne. (Master’s of Science) ‘Marketing Within Student Affairs: What is the Silver Bullet?’ [Graduated May 2018 
    • Tvaru, Anita. (Master’s of Arts) ‘Migrants’ or ‘Refugees’? Al-Jazeera English and the 2015 coverage of the ‘immigration’ crisis in Europe’ [Graduated August 2016]

    Research Monographs:

     Padovani, C. (2005) A Fatal Attraction: Public Television and Politics in Italy. Boulder, CO: Rowman & Littlefield. [Italian translation (2007) Attrazione Fatale: Televisione pubblica e politica in Italia. Trieste, Italy: Asterios Editore.]

     Articles in Peer-Reviewed Scientific Journals:

    • Padovani, C. (2018) ‘Lega Nord and Anti-Immigrationism: The Importance of Hegemony Critique for Social Media Analysis and Protest’, The International Journal of Communication, 12(27): 3553–3579.
    • Padovani, C. (2016) ‘The Media of the Ultra-Right: Discourse and Media Activism Online’, The Journal of Language and Politics,15(4): 399-429.
    • Padovani, C. (2015) ‘Berlusconi’s Italy’: the media between structure and agency’, Modern Italy, 20(1): 41-57.
    • Padovani, C. (2012) ‘Berlusconi on Berlusconi? An Analysis of digital terrestrial television coverage on commercial broadcast news in Italy’, Discourse & Communication, 6(4): 423-447.
    • Padovani, C. (2010) ‘Citizens’ Communication and the 2009 G8 Summit in L’Aquila, Italy’, The International Journal of Communication 4: 416-439.

    Chapters in Collective Volumes:

    •  Padovani, C. (2015). ‘Media and Democracy’, in A. Mammone, G. Veltri, and E. Parini (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Italy: History, Politics and Society, London, UK: Routledge. 
    • Padovani, C. (2013). ‘Activists’ Communication in a post-disaster zone: cross-media strategies for protest mobilization in L’Aquila, Italy’, in B. Cammaerts, P. McCurdy, and A. Mattoni, Mediation and Mobilization, London: Routledge.