Chikaire Wilfred Williams Ezeru

NCE (Alvan Ikoku College of Education, Nigeria)

BA (Imo State University, Nigeria)

MA (University of Leicester, UK)

PhD (Loughborough University, UK – In View)

  • Research Student

Chikaire Ezeru’s world of higher education started at Alvan Ikoku College of Education in Nigeria, where he obtained a Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Economics and Political Science with a Distinction in Education Practice before heading to Imo State University, Nigeria for a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in Theatre Arts, graduating as one of the best students in the department and the university as a whole.

After graduation, Chikaire worked in the educational sector, the media, the private service sector and with a multinational company before leaving Nigeria to the United Kingdom for his postgraduate studies at the University of Leicester, where he obtained his Master of Arts Degree (MA) in Mass Communications.

Prior to joining Loughborough University’s Communication and Media Department and its Centre for Research in Communication and Culture in October 2017 as a doctoral researcher, Chikaire has worked in the UK higher education, the civil service and the private service sectors.

Chikaire Ezeru’s core research interest centres on media representations of people, places, organisations and events.

His PhD research project looks at the British media coverage or representation of Africa for about a quarter of a century starting from 1992 to 2017 with the major aim of comprehensively unravelling how Africa has been reported in the British media and the reasons behind such reportages plus the intent of the study in helping to ensue a better reporting of Africa thereby fostering a better knowledge of the continent and her people, which can be a springboard for increased and accelerated development of the continent especially in the areas of foreign business investments and other economic relationships.

This study by Chikaire Ezeru under the supervision of Prof. John Downey and Dr. Vaclav Stetka is a longitudinal one with the application of content analysis and interview as methodological approaches and the use of five British national newspapers namely – Daily Mail, The Guardian, Financial Times, The Times and The Sun as case studies.

Besides the above, Chikaire Ezeru has other research interests in digital, new & social media, celebrity & fandom, political communication, promotional media, global media, sports journalism, environmental communication, media ownership & management, African media, Western media, Chinese media, news and news management.