Preparing for a virtual Open Day

Hosting and attending an undergraduate Open Day online is quite new to us all – make sure you know what to expect and how you can best prepare for the event.

Book your place

We have spread our subject areas out across four days, to make sure each student has the best experience possible and so that we can go into much more detail about our courses and modules. Make sure you have booked onto the correct event for the school(s) you are most interested in. Here is a reminder of what subjects will be covered on which dates:

  • Wednesday 16 September: Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences (including Human Biology and Biosciences)
  • Thursday 17 September: Engineering and Science
  • Friday 18 September: Social Sciences, Design and Creative Arts
  • Saturday 19 September: Business and Economics

Have headphones handy

Throughout the day, you will have access lots of useful video and audio content relating to our courses, student accommodation and much more, so if you are accessing the event in a communal environment, it may be a good idea to use headphones so as to not disturb those around you.

Remember a pen

As you go through the presentations and tours, you may wish to jot down some key details or notes to refer back to after the event. To save yourself scrambling around, make sure you have a pen and notepad next to you.
Don’t worry too much if you do miss any important information though, most of our content will be made available online for you to revisit at a later date.

Consider potential questions

During the event, there will be lots of opportunities to ask staff and current students about the Loughborough University experience. Before you join us, have a little chat with your parents or guardians about what you would like to learn about campus life, and perhaps come up with a couple of questions that you could ask our support staff, academic staff or current students.  

Check the schedule

We recommend checking the Open Day schedule as soon as you join the event online so that you can plan your activities and see as much as possible. You do not need to book onto specific tours and presentations beforehand, simply tune in on time.

You do not need to speak or be on video

This is a really important point that we want to emphasise to you – at no point in the day will you be asked to enable your microphone or camera, so please do not worry about this at all. Instead, we will be offering various webchats for you to join and interact with staff and students. All participation in the event is completely voluntary, so just go with what you feel comfortable.

Everyone is welcome

As with our normal Open Days – families, guardians and carers are more than welcome to join in, so gather round the computer (or other device) and enjoy this exclusive virtual experience together.