Ushma Bhudia


Subject area
Computer Science

Loughborough University is recognised for its excellent employability rates and ranks particularly high in Computer Science. The course structure and content appealed to me as it included several modules that I was interested in, and that other universities did not offer.

The course offered many opportunities to participate in various events or studies that enhanced my knowledge. I enjoyed being taught to code in several programming languages and became familiar with different software. It was really interesting to learn about how technology has advanced so rapidly.

Lecturers engaged with students to make learning more interesting and attempted different methods of teaching to help us understand the content more.

Ushma Bhudia

I liked that the University was well recognised, and how it was known for its outstanding sports. Loughborough University engaged as many students as possible in societies or clubs, so you we’re always involved in something.

As a female studying a male-dominated course it could be slightly intimidating, but inspiration from lecturers and my studies gave me the skills and confidence that I needed to perform and achieve. I have learnt that gender doesn't matter – whatever degree you study, as long as you're interested and motivated then nothing can stop you from achieving your best.


Ushma graduated from Loughborough University in 2017.

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