James Smith

International student, Current student

I chose to study in England rather than Germany where I live, because the universities here have amazing extra-curricular activities - Loughborough is a prime example of this.

I chose to study in England rather than the Netherlands because universities here offered courses with a foundation year, I am very glad I did a foundation year as it gave me time to settle in and appreciate all
Loughborough has to offer. I chose to study at Loughborough rather than Sheffield for 3 reasons. The first being that the engineering department, particularly the workshop seemed very inviting and open for me to do cocurricular work -allowing me to work on projects I have ongoing on the side-. The second being that I felt more a home on the Loughborough campus, than in the city campus at Sheffield -the integration of green spaces on campus I find beautiful. The Third reason was the sport offered at Loughborough university seemed unrivalled in its quality and breadth.

The teaching quality has definitely been varied, but the few good lectures that l've had have really made Loughborough and my time here studying unique and has helped encourage me to learn more, aim higher and dream bigger.

The facilities at the university are definitely my favourite part of my experience. Learning how to use a lathe, a mill, a 3d printer etc. have really opened up my engineering toolbox and creative mind as to what can be done.

James Smith

The concept of an energy storage device that seems far superior on paper in terms of performance and sustainability was too exciting to pass up on.

The inspiration for applying that technology to e-bikes simply came from the fact that I have a lot of experience and passion for bikes and cycling and that this is a very accessible area in which to demonstrate the applicability of this technology.

l've always lived by the saying 'Aim for the moon and you'll land among the stars'. With this endeavour and any other I take in the future I want to try and make the world a better place, whether than be in developing more sustainable technology or anything else, the end goal is to have an impact on the world that benefits everyone.

I would my greatest achievement during my time at University so far is raising f 2000 for the Autistic Society and through that organisation and the Loughborough student union RAG committee having the opportunity to run the NYC marathon.

Loughborough has inspired me in doing what its best at, being the best (at least in sport), and always aiming to be better in everything they do.

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