Diba Tavakolizadeh

International student, Current student

The transition from high school to Loughborough University has been amazing so far.

I chose Loughborough University because of the various opportunities offered here ranging from sports clubs, student societies, musical opportunities and so much more. Here we have the chance to do sports at a professional level and even learn a completely new sport and play for fun with your hall mates.

Loughborough offers a varied range of opportunities and no matter what your interests are, there is definitely something to do here at Loughborough that will fall in line with your interests.

Diba Tavakolizadeh

As an International student, I know how it might be a little bit difficult to get used to the new environment and live on your own in a foreign country, but there is no need to worry at all.

Everyone here is so welcoming and willing to help. Also bear in mind that most first-year students are experiencing life far from their family members for the first time as well. You will meet loads of people and find friends for life and will enjoy this chapter of life more than ever!

My favourite thing about Loughborough is that it offers a varied range of opportunities no matter what your interests are.

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